Learn a language, one word at a time

Never underestimate the power of microlearning. The accumulation of small pieces of knowledge over time.

Languages available so far

We are currently testing and making sure we focus on improving the experience. We will add more languages once we are happy with the progress. Keep checking back!!

How does microlearning a language help?

Microlearning is simply learning small pieces of manageable knowledge at a regular interval.

One word, one phrase, everyday

Sign up to receive a new word and phrase in your chosen language. Use the word in your day to help form the memory. Soon you will be chaining these words together for sentences and conversations. This will supplement your learning.

Accumulation of insignificant changes

After one month you will have over 30 words memorized. You will understand the context and be able to use the words in sentences. After 2 months you will have over 60 words. The accumulation of insignificant changes. Powerful.

How does it work?

Learning is about consistency. Doing things regularly overtime. We will prompt you everyday with a new word to use and remember.

1. Pick a Language

Step 1

Choose the language you are interested in learning from the list. We are adding new languages so come back if your language is not available. 

2. Pick a reason

Step 2

Choose the reason you want to learn. This will help us decide what kinds of words and phrases may be more useful for you. 

3. Pick a delivery Preference

Step 3

Choose how you want to receive it. We will deliver your word and phrase via your preferred method every day. All you have to do is use it and remember it. 

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